What is a cam model

What is a Cam Model?

A webcam model is a video performer who is streamed upon the Internet with a live webcam broadcast. A webcam model often performs erotic acts online, such as stripping, in exchange for money, goods, or attention. They may also sell videos of their performances. Since many webcam models operate from their homes, they are free to choose the amount of sexual content for their broadcasts. While most display nudity and sexually provocative behavior, some choose to remain mostly clothed and merely talk about various topics while still soliciting payment as tips from their fans.

Why do they do this work?

In many cases, they are very comfortable with themselves, they have a normal self-image and they feel pleasure when they are performing exhibitionistic acts. They work from their home or a Studio Facility, they are independent and make their own income, have the ability to pay their own bills and enhance their lifestyle while being not dependent on anyone or anything. They do this work because they decided out of own free will to become part of the erotic industry and still keep all the cards in their own hands. They are not depending on a male person to do this work!

Why do they ignore free users?

The general impression after a few hours browsing cam sites is: It is impossible for a model to give everyone attention. That being said, on an average moment of the day, there are between 40 and 100 users in a popular webcam chat room.  Many of these people browse in and out, they do not stay long. They are mostly gray colored and have no specific taste yet, and are still exploring the options. To take these free users not seriously is a wrong way of thinking, everyone should be taken seriously, but when you put yourself in the model her shoes, you will find more pleasure in responding to members who have verified user accounts. However, it is a balance between Giving and Taking. First, you have to conclude for yourself if this cam girl is worthy of your time. You can then use your FREE CHAT time to find out if she is into the same kinks as you are. This is what the free chat is for. It is not to introduce yourself, cause every model knows that this does not help you make a username and be taken more seriously. Free Loaders are the general name for these gray people. Some of these freeloaders are good clients for a model, they just did not have this moment of connection yet. Tip a few tokens (very cheap) to get her attention, in 9 out of the 10 cases she is actually going to give you the attention you were hoping for.

Are they working from Studios?

Many cam girls you will see online are working from a studio location. This is a facility that offers workspaces to performers who want to rent a room or work with the studio on commission bases and still have access to all the possibilities this facility offers. From Professional Photo Shoots to A House Finance Plan! East Europe is expanding for more than 15 years now with facilities and options for a model to work in a private place without having people interrupting her, and after her shift is over, she goes home and can still enjoy a free private moment in her own house.  Studios are large locations that offer high-quality working rooms with super good equipment and high tech cameras. When a performer and a studio decide to collaborate together she will have access to the studio tools. This means she can make movies and pictures for her fans that look professional, or she can use the fitne4ss and beautify facilities a studio can offer. From a swimming pool to pa private trainer who will help you feel better about yourself. Studios will take a commission for this, but you can see this as a leasing company that will allow you to drive a Porshe for 200 Euros a month. You can still enjoy the hungry eyes and not have to pay for it!  If you want to recognize the studio rooms, that is easy.  They have neutral backgrounds, classy looking beds, and no personal items that are visible on the cam. Cam Girls working in a studio are more responsible, have a fixed schedule, and receive language and social media training. They have access to the knowledge provided by Trainers and Administrators that work on cam sites to moderate rooms and help models to find paying clients. Studios have brought a lot of additional value to the live cam industry.

Am I supporting slavery?

If you bought an iPhone, maybe yes… But let’s make one thing clear, this is an industry that is regulated and observed and controlled. From storing personal information of the model to the payment facilities, there are no secrets, there are no elements of this work that you can ‘forget’ about.  The industry does not offer the means to work illegally and support slavery. Every year new laws and bills are pushed through congress to make sure that slavery is banned and eradicated from this planet.  So, to kill this myth without history, there is no slavery in the live cam industry on the websites or in the certified studios.  What is out of our eye and reach are the not legal cam studios, the frauding models and people who take profit from this. Years of experience and fully staffed desks have eliminated this risk to minimal, and also your HELP is appreciated. When you do think a certain model needs help, press the Support Button and make your say, you might help someone!

Find Support If You need

For models, and anyone active in the live cam industry who are in need for help, a talk, support or anything else related to your well being, we advise you to visit Pineapplesupport.org and find a person to speak with, This is free!