Secrets about Cam Girls

We hesitated to write you this article, but we also know that knowledge is power! So here we go, we present you today the


first of all, most of the time you visit a cam girl chat site you will see hundreds of girls, the doors to heaven has opened up for you and you are welcome to enter all their rooms and watch them from up close. You can actually see most of the rooms for a few minutes, and watch how they are chatting with other people. In those moments you might come to the conclusion that most of the time she is answering simple questions or asking for votes. Yeah, you are in the FREE CHAT areas and here is where there are not many rules yet. It is up to the cam-model to read her chat room visitors and find the questions she wants to reply to. it is a game of cat and mouse but the fun is sometimes far to find.

Secret 1# Cam Girls have no idea who wants to pay or not.

That is not true at all. Cam Girls have a very good idea of who is paying for a show or who is freeloading for life. This all has to do with the levels of access on a cam site. Before you are even having the opportunity to chat with a girl, you have to sign up as a free member, and only on this way, you get pick a unique name.  If you do not claim your free username, you will be named “Guest 111” and it clearly says Guest, and it means you have no means to load credits to your account. Your name will remain gray and as depressing this color is, your reply from the model(s) will be short. In some cases, there are models who are still trying to make you a member, but this is up to them, or up to the member who might want to drop his secrecy and become a fan with a recognizable username.  The more you spend, the higher your level will be inside the website. This can be marked by certain colors. This is a unique situation per website, each may handle different member levels and the visualization of it. Some use avatars with expensive metal colors, from Bronze to Silver and then Gold.  Yes, a cam girl will know your value but she is nice and polite enough to not mention it to you.

Secret 2# She can be anyone she wants to be

Webcam Models who are working on a cam site are known with all personal info that has been verified by the cam site she works on. When they create an account they have to show their personal identification information and fill out forms to make sure she can get paid on time.  A cam girl sends her identification papers to a cam site, they will verify the information and make sure she is not using any fake ID and personating someone she is not.  A webcam model can be who she wants to be, in her room that is. Before she is allowed to stream with her webcam her sexy shows, she will have to go through processes most have when they want to work somewhere.

  • Rules she needs to obey too
  1. A model is not allowed to give you her personal Information
  2. They are not allowed to show their naked nude body in free chat
  3. They should stay off the drugs while broadcasting!
  4. Not being racists or insulting members

So, no, a model can not be who she wants to be. She is a visual representation of her best self. She will find an exchange of virtual currency coming to her as a reward for her work and delivered shows.  She will receive this payment every 14 days, and this is done mostly like clockwork cause leaving a model to wait for her money is like playing with fire. We deal with the woman here!

Secret 3# She is always into sex

If this was the case then I would be shaking my head all the time. But there are some who are never satisfied, I give you that! Yes, sex is the goal here on the cam sites, but there is such a thing as Emotional Connection. This connection thing might be more important then you realize, there is no happy sex without happy emotions if they are not there then it will be a dead meeting on the webcam. It’s something different when you fall asleep after the sex in her arms, but its a total cold shower when you close the session cause you blew your load and you can’t even say THANK YOU for this. The only truth here is that a Cam Model is always willing to go that extra mile with you when you make her feel special and unique. For the women, there is no such thing as sex without emotions, but for guys, this is something else. So, if you are following the Tease and Flirt Tips we share, you can expect 99% of the time a very willing lady!

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