Hi there, I am Ruby, and I am a very original lady, I am probably the best you will ever see.  I have watched a lot of girls on this website, pretty nice girls enough. But they are all so much forcing their message down your throat. I am a calm lady, I have class and I have style.  My background is decent, meaning, I am educated, and I have had no bad experiences in my life that changed my positive outlook, this does not mean they were in front of me, but I take it with both hands and make solutions when needed. I have red hair, and blue eyes, and you probably know what that means, I am a genuine Ginger girl. Naturally, you can understand and know that sex is a treasure I value. Every second you are with me is a second you enjoy to the fullest. I will stop the world for you, and take all the distractions away from your mind, and make you focus on me.  Now look into my eyes and tell me I am not moving anything inside of your soul.  Yes, what you feel now is a sensation you have to allow yourself to crawl under your skin when you crawl between my sheets!

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