Can you remember your first crush, a girl you had the hots for but she ignored you and kept on hanging out with your popular friends? Feeling low and ignored is an emotion we will all discover while growing up, and I was no stranger to that. It shaped me, it made me realize that the people who do not speak are the most interesting souls to spent time with. I am one of those persons, and this is why I like to be on the webcam, safely in my own room, and I can decide who I want to spend my time with. And this works out very well. I do not give attention to people who think they can get any babe, the popular guys with expensive words, I rather have a person in my room who is new to this, so we can discover new things together.  I hate people showing off their cars and their possessions, and I love the ones who know how to be nice with words.

I am a soft and tender girl, and I have a serious weakness for guys who are shy!