How to Flirt with Cam Girls

How to make an impression on a cam girl

After a few sessions of Browsing on, you have found a girl you are into and you want to make sure she has a great impression of you as well. In this little guide, we will help you with the first steps.  We will help you to make a solid impression on one of our Cam Girls. We will share with you tips and suggestions that make hitting on a cam girl as easy as a walk in the park. First, we have to agree that your first lines are the ones she will use to measure you up.  Just when you see someone in person for the first time, in those first crucial seconds your mind has made up if you want to continue seeing this person or not. For a cam girl, this is almost the same, but they have to go on the words you share.  Keep in mind, your words might not always represent who you are, so let us start first with ” The Attraction Method”

The Attraction Method

  • Be always kind and thoughtful. Make sure that before you send her your words you will think about how they can come across to her. Be attractive in your speech, use words that are positive, and non-judgemental. Compliments will bring you a long way but do not overdo it. Balance is needed.
  •  Stay confident and Stable. Do not overdo statements or try to empower them. This will avoid you becoming rude or creepy. No one needs to know your political beliefs, and they do not care who drives a bigger car than you.  Keep all those daily things out of it, it has no value, you are talking to a girl, not with a guy in a bar while sharing a pint.

Let’s give you 5 pointers

  1. Use sincere compliments
    Whether a cam girl is sexy or not, funny or not, it is important to make a few unique compliments. Use your words in moderation, you dont want to across as desperate. This is the same for dating, showing you are desperate is just incredibly sad, and makes the other person feel uncomfortable and creeped out! When you make a nice compliment, it will add more value to how she sees you and it will make the cybersex more special. If she smiles while you made a compliment, consider yourself SuperMan, you are on your way!
  2. Begin the conversion
    You have her attention now, she is smiling, See you go!! She is comfortable and probably asking you some questions about who you are and what you do. Again, stay modest and do not overdo it. You are not a secret agent on a mission. You have her attention now, it is time to make your move. First, we are going to make a nice witty comment on how you have a great time talking to her.  Then you tell her how she is brightening up your day.  Then you send an emoticon and as a secret weapon to make sure she never forgets your words again, you give her a small tip. It is very important to give her this small tip, the effect is that she is knowing you appreciate her and you are trying to make an impression.
  3. What is tip
    A tip is an option for you to send the model you like a virtual gift. On some sites, this can be done with money, and on some sites, you can send virtual gifts. The Gift Currency is very real, this means when you send flowers, she will receive the gift on her account and she will be able to buy flowers. Tips are also a way to slide into her private messages. In time you will notice that using the tip option makes communication between you and her more normal.
  4. Keep the conversation Active!
    Sometimes there are moments of silence. In practice, these moments can be a lifesaver, nothing is awkward when you are together in real. But online it sometimes works against you. Our tip here is to keep the conversation active by discussing also other random topics. It creates a more trusted compatibility between you and her.
  5. Use her Free Cam Room
    We have linked for a good reason every profile on directly to her Free Chat Room. You can use the limited time to break the ice and work with given tips. In her room, you have to be aware that confidence is key, always remember this! Remain Friendly, be funny and flexible and send tips every now and then (important)

We hope this little guide helps you on your journey to find the cam girl you want to spend unique moments with.  Pick your favorite cam girl on our special site.