Hey, I see you thinking, Romance is dead, women are all the same, we are just here for one thing…  And let’s be honest, you are almost right, but the power of uniqueness hides in the detail of my eyes. When people get to know me better in my free chat room, they start seeing the colors in my soul, the willingness to enjoy the full company of a man, the ability to surrender myself in his strong arms and feel wanted and safe at the same time. I believe in love, and so should you. Words can be like sugar, they take the bitterness out of my coffee, what I am trying to say, use words of sugar, and I will follow you and drop my guards and allow you to be on the other side of the wall, you can see my nakedness and uniqueness in a friendlier way then you are used too. I take my time, love is nothing you can rush!

I am a little bored, not many people online. Join me now and let's befriend each other.