Hi, I am Amy, and when your mother sees me she will tell you I am fucking Trouble. But you love that, don’t you? I am 18 years, so when it is about forbidden pleasures you seak, or talking with a girl that just became legal to have sex with, you have found me, and I am unstoppable, I have that everlasting desire to feel you in every way around me on my skin, inside of me and in front of me, and when you play your cards right, you can stand beside me.  life is a rollercoaster of emotions and situations, so when I am finding my guy on here, and know he is the one, and that is you? Then make sure you can be cold as ice and break my heart, cause the fire and heat I produce when In love will upset the climate in such a way nothing is normal anymore. I am that adventure you have searched for… I am here!

I will welcome you today in my bedroom. Make me an indecent proposal and have some sincere fun together.