Hello, I am Alisya, and I am one of the biggest dreamers on the net.  I love to fantasize about certain situations and make myself a hero. My mind is a minefield for some guys, but a garden of all sorts of plants and flowers for those who nurture me with water and sunlight. I am a romantic person, I value kind words and small gestures.  Dinner at candlelight, a massage as foreplay, and dancing on sexy music to heat the air. I want you to kiss me all over my body when you feel the time is right, and take my panties down! You can do this in a subtle way, and reach for this full nude naked moment we will both reach.  When we admire each other and accept this is how God made us, we can start moving to a more exclusive place where no eyes will see, where no ear will hear. Whisper naughty compliments, tell me how wild I make you!

I am going to have a naughty adventure with you today! I am one click away!